Slide Putting the Patient at
the center of everything
we do
Cornell Pharmaceuticals

A True Partnership

At Cornell Pharma, we focus on partnering with stakeholders to improve the lives of our patients.

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Social Responsibility

Our mission to improve the lives of patients goes beyond our facilities and therapeutics.

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Creating Value

We work to create value in all parts of the healthcare ecosystem.

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Pragmatic Innovation

We question basic assumptions and deliver impactful solutions.

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Focused on Excellence

People First

We invest in the combined success of all our stakeholders.

One Move Ahead

We value speed and efficiency. Speed and quality are not at odds.

Latest Research

Researching yesterday’s solutions to solve tomorrow’s challenges.

For Better World

Its’ all for nothing unless we leave the world better than we found it.

What’s New

Africa may be the only pharmaceutical market where genuinely high growth is still achievable. Here’s what’s driving that strength and how companies should react.
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There are some who have questioned the ability of the countries in sub-Saharan African to build a local pharmaceuticals industry, and others who question the wisdom of doing so. To those skeptics, the analyses presented here should provide comfort that the potential for building a robust local industry could be real in some countries under the right conditions. It is now for public- and private-sector leaders in the region to decide whether to try.
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Succeeding in emerging markets has been a challenging undertaking for multinational pharma companies, but those that adapt their end-to-end model for emerging markets could well thrive.
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