Cornell Pharma

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Advancements in manufacturing, preventative healthcare, and a shift to a more patient centric healthcare system will demand a different type of pharmaceutical company. Cornell Pharma is building the future of pharma powered by patients, data, and tighter ecosystem relationships.

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Agile and Data Driven
Leaning on the most up to date manufacturing practices coupled with technological infrastructure to drive more efficient operations.
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Tight Customer Relationships
Drive deeper relationships with our customers to ensure our therapies are delivering the outcomes we promised.
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Patient Centric From Day 1
This helps prioritize the therapies we make and how we think about our duties beyond manufacturing.
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Regulatory Advisory

We work with governments to establish policy and best practices to build pharmaceutical capacity.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We make and distribute therapeutics/ products based on the regional opportunity we see and the feedback from our stakeholders.
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Research & Development

We conduct and sometimes partner to discover emerging therapeutic opportunities

Technology & Innovation

We provide innovative solutions to our stakeholders to ensure we’re aligned on key needs and speaking one common language.
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What We Do

We are not your average pharmaceutical manufacturing company. To solve some of our core areas, we understand manufacturing is not enough. We need to partner with stakeholders and build our own opportunities in ways that will be helpful for all.

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Work with us to build the future of the pharmaceutical industry…. Starting in Africa and growing it to the rest of the world.